10 Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

Do you struggle to look after your teeth to keep them healthy, shiny and free from cavities? Does the routine of flossing or visiting your dentist seem difficult?

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Here’s the truth: caring for your teeth and gums is a lifelong task – and it brings great rewards. The simple steps you take today will preserve, protect and nourish your mouth for a lifetime. Never neglect your morning or night routine of brushing and cleaning your teeth. 

Here are some simple ways to keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy:

  • Brush your teeth well: It goes without saying. Brushing your teeth well at least twice daily is the most crucial step to looking after your oral hygiene. Sadly, this step is either missed or neglected. Take the time to brush in gentle, circular motions to reach every corner of your mouth for at least two minutes. This helps eliminate all the unwanted food debris and prevents calculus buildup and gum disease in the long run.
  • Brush them twice daily: You might remember your mum asking you to brush your teeth twice daily! It is essential to brush them in the morning and before bedtime to clean your mouth of all the remaining food particles, sticky residues and neutralize the acidity from sweet foods that can harm your teeth enamel. It may seem tedious to brush in the evening after a hard day, but it is just as important as removing your makeup or having a shower. 
  • Clean your tongue, too: The tongue tends to get forgotten as part of your daily brushing routine. However, plaque built up on the tongue can cause foul odour and may lead to dental problems down the track. Clean your tongue gently with your brush when brushing your teeth. This helps to remove any stuck remains of food and gives your mouth a clean, fresh feeling.
  • Go easy on the sweets: Do you have a sweet tooth? Lollies, chocolates, and sugary drinks taste amazing but are detrimental to your dental health. Try and limit your intake of sweet and acidic foods. Aim to rinse your mouth well with water and brush after having that piece of chocolate cake or lollies. It helps neutralise the acidity, which can harm your teeth and make them cavity-prone. Overall – go easy on the sweet stuff!
  • Use fluoride toothpaste: Consider using a paste with fluoride content. There are different kinds of toothpaste available on the market now; for whitening, for sensitive teeth and gums and so on. A fluoride toothpaste may help defend your teeth and gums against dental cavities and is considered a mainstay in oral hygiene. Do check your toothpaste labels to make sure your paste contains fluoride.
  • Say yes to flossing: Flossing is not just about removing stuck food particles between your teeth; it is the essential practice of cleaning the problematic areas of your teeth. Flossing reaches the difficult parts of your teeth to remove plaque, cleans between teeth and stimulate gums to prevent inflammation and promote good oral hygiene. Make flossing a part of your daily routine morning and evening.
  • Pump up on fluids: Drinking plenty of pure water is not only beneficial for your overall health and well-being; it also helps keep your oral cavity healthy and free from cavities and gum diseases. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. Having water after meals helps remove the sticky residues from your mouth and neutralise the acidity of food. 
  • Consider using a mouthwash: A mouthwash may prove to be more beneficial to the elderly and to those who find dental flossing tedious and a struggle to keep plaques at bay. Mouthwash is good to remove the acidity from your mouth; it cleans the difficult and non-reachable areas, and it helps remineralise the teeth. Always consult your dentist for any specific recommendations or learn which brand works best for your needs and requirements.
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  • Munch on your crunchy veggies: Do your teeth and your body a big favour by eating fresh, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Veggies that are natural act as a robust defence against cavities. They keep the saliva flowing and prevents the sticky bacteria from forming plaques and holes. Pack up some veggies sticks as snacks if you like munching between meals. Thus goes the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
  • Visit your dentist regularly: Lastly, but the most crucial step: visit your dentist at least every six months. It is vital to have your mouth and gums regularly checked for any inflammation, gum disease, cavities, and keeping it clean and healthy—Book regular appointments. Discuss any concerns you may have regarding sensitive teeth, flossing, or use of mouthwash. Your teeth will last a lifetime when cared for and nurtured.

Key Takeaways:

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Good oral hygiene beings with simple lifestyle habits such as eating natural and healthy foods, drinking plain water, limiting your intake of sweets and fizzy drinks, practicing perfect brushing techniques, and being mindful of your dental health. Make a point of going for your dental appointments. You are what you eat and what goes inside is reflected outside. With sharp, shining teeth, you can look confident; it lifts your spirit, self-esteem and helps you face the world with a big, loud, and brilliant smile on your beautiful face. 

Keep Smiling always!